About the Summer Tinkering Experience

This is a free, two hour tinkering experience for middle grade learners at the Museum of Life and Science.

How can you help your community prepare for the impacts of climate change? Join us this summer to design a solution that not only helps your community but also works towards the UN Global Goal #7 to ensure access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Time Slots

Because of covid-19 restrictions, students can only attend 1 time slot per day. We appreciate your understanding.  

June 19th, 2021 (choose 1)

  • Option 1: 9-11 

  • Option 2: 11:30-1:30

  • Option 3: 2-4

June 26th, 2021 (choose 1)

  • Option 1: 9-11 

  • Option 2: 11:30-1:30

  • Option 3: 2-4



June 19th, 2021

  1. Introduction game

  2. Go through the following stations in any order:

  • Station 1: Have you ever wanted to improve a product? Explore how you can use the human centered design process to make products that meet your (the user's) needs.

  • Station 2: Can you provide enough energy to power a light? Discover how energy transforms from an input source to an output function.

  • Station 3: Tinker! Build your own personal flashlight.

  • Station 4: Put your flashlight to the test. Can it help you during a weather induced power outages?

   3. Finally: Share your design with others by displaying your personalized flashlight at the museum!


June 26th, 2021

Help solve real-world problems energy problems by tackling one or more of the following challenges:

  • Prepare a power outage emergency kit by completing a scavenger hunt using your flashlight

  • Turn your flashlight into a fan to stay cool in the summer heat even if the power goes out.

  • Add a temperature sensor to save food that could go bad in power outages

  • And more!


Museum of Life and Science

433 W Murray Ave, Durham, NC 27704